Investment Targets

IDI EM is an independent growth-capital private equity specialist targeting at SMEs in the emerging markets.

Financing the Growth of SMEs

IDI EM targets to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operate by entrepreneurs that seek to expand through better organizations and corporate governance in order to benefit from the market growth and successful exits.

Investment Criteria

IDI EM seek for opportunities that are:

  1. Pure equity financing, excluding a priori debt or mezzanine transactions, except for structure reasons;
  2. Growth stories in the emerging markets;
  3. Business driven by the domestic demands;
  4. Profitable enterprises with turnovers between US$20 million and US$200 million.

Emerging Markets Coverage

IDI EM targets to be among one of the first investors in high performing private equity geographies. It covers emerging markets globally with special emphasis in China, India, South-East Asia, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa.

Asset Classes

IDI EM has long term accumulated experiences to invest and strong expertise to value-add in three main asset classes in the emerging markets.

Primary Commitments

IDI EM makes primary commitments in top notch local private equity funds that offers indigenous local expertise and networks. We prefer mid-size general growth funds with equity investments only. We seek for ethical managers who practice transparent corporate governance and with partners’ own interests aligned to the fund performances.

Secondary Transactions

IDI EM welcomes secondary transaction opportunities on growth capital funds with clear and matured portfolios. The team is able to generate attractive secondary investment opportunities from its established local networks, and has the experiences and capabilities to execute in a confidential and timely manners.

Direct Investments

IDI EM has a robust and diversified pipeline on direct investment opportunities generated from its local networks of partners who are highly valued by the IDI EM team. We seek to invest directly into SMEs in the emerging market with business that falls into our investment mandates in a form of co-investment. IDI EM team has substantial experiences on successfully executing direct investments with high returned generated.

Our Offerings

IDI EM offers a diversified range of fund products and co-investment opportunities for our investors to gain access and to benefit from the fast growing emerging markets. We also tailor design best suitable platforms with top risk-return profiles to address our institutional clients’ PE program needs in the emerging markets.

Hybrid Funds of Funds

IDI EM offers hybrid fund of funds covering emerging markets with three complementary asset classes: primary commitments, secondary transactions and direct investments.


IDI EM sources, structures and manages co-investments for its investors with interests to have direct exposures and access to private companies or funds in the emerging markets.

Tailored Managed Accounts

IDI EM tailor designed separate managed accounts for institutional clients with an optimal solutions to address their PE program needs in the emerging markets.